Precision Refinishing (PR) offers a wide variety of services that includes refinishing/reglazing/resurfacing fixtures, i.e. bathtubs, showers, sinks, countertops and vanities and chip and crack repair. 
In conjunction with refinishing, PR also does crack and hole repairs on all types of fixtures and on all types of material, i.e., porcelean, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, ceramic tile etc.  Why pay up to several thousand dollars to replace a cracked, chipped or damaged fixture or shower pan when you can have it repaired and refinished looking like new for pennies on the dollar.  Repairs can be made on most kitchen and bathtub fixtures, such as, shower pans and countertops and bathroom vanities.
For those not wishing to have their fixtures refinished/reglazed/resurfaced, PR also offers what we term “Bathroom Restoration”.  What this entails is that our technicians will, when practical, clean, restore, and recaulk the tub/shower or sink and then apply a clear polymer coating to the fixture to bring out the shine and to seal it.  This process is less time consuming; therefore, less expensive.  This process is used most often on fixtures that are slightly worn, just dirty, and not damaged and just need a restoration.  Our technicians, upon arrival, will tell you, in their opinion, whether it needs refinishing/reglazing/resurfacing or restoration. 
Precision Refinishing, as an additional service, will apply a non-slip bottom (upon request) to tubs and shower pans for a very small fee.  This provides added protection to customers and users of the fixture.